our mission

To explore the world of beer

It began with a pint and an archaeology documentary. That lead to a career change, an archaeological study into beer’s role in human culture, and lead to a full blown obsession. This is an extension of that study, to explore and share the fascinating world of beer.

Our Process

We study the past to brew for the future

Beer isn't just lager from Germany. Its also made from rice and corn, and was discovered in Africa. We strive to learn from all traditions, blending them into our brewing process. From there, we source locally whenever possible, crafting beers that honor tradition while embracing innovation.

our pHilosophy

Beer is human

Beer has been a companion to our rituals, our festivals, and our daily lives. We value these stories, so we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone can come together to enjoy and appreciate an integral part of the human experience.

Who we are

Our curiosity quickly became a passion for beer

Our obsession led us to explore the globe, study the science and history of brewing, and endlessly experiment in pursuit of the perfect pint.

  • Jordan Rex

    Co-founder, Brewer

  • Malin Rex

    Co-founder, Content

The Collection

We’re hard at work on some very exciting beers